Raise Your Hand If Your Clogs Every Sink & Bathtub 

​Clogged bathtub? Clogged sink? Is your hair just clogging everything. Don’t spend any extra money!!
I shed and my daughter sheds, because of that my husband is constantly either plunging or buying drano. After a certain point nothing works, it literally gets so clogged you get used to water taking forever to go down. This of course then leads to scum rims on bathtub and sink. Well here is your answer, simple and affordable!!!
Drain Snake Cleaner by Green World
All you do is take the orange drain snake cleaner, slide into the drain, wiggle it, and then prepare to be disgusted yet satisfied. Every piece if soap, soap scum, and hair comes out. Clean off the cleaner and put away for next time. I did it while my husband was at work, only to hear shouting when water was going down without hesitation. He wanted me to see the “miracle”, only until I told him about my drain cleaner. Check it out here.


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