VersionTech VR Headset..Why Pay More?

​Everyone wants a VR headset, but realistically who has 300-400 dollars for one.
WRONG….you do not need to pay a lot for a VR headset. Enjoy virtual reality at a great price, it is so much fun. My daughter loves the haunted house games, my son loves the roller coasters, and I enjoy riding a gondola in Venice, and visiting museums all over the world from my home. Hubby loves the flight simulators, being able to fly a plane is a dream. 
No matter what you want out of virtual reality these made by Version Tech are absolutely amazing. Download apps. Pop it in to VR, and enjoy. Some say it gets you dizzy, it takes getting used to, but if you ease in using it a few minutes a day, then you can kill zombies with out a single hint of dizziness. You will love it, your kids will love it, and there is something for everyone of every age.  Check it out here:
These are super comfortable with a pillow head gear that does not hurt. You can adjust from little kids to grown ups. The cloth that comes with it keeps the glass v K ean, and it fits from a large iPhone 6 plus to a  Note 5.
Try one today, it’s amazing.


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