Super Soft Hair Makeup Brushes

Love MakeUp? Do you enjoy the true artistic method of applying makeup? This 10 piece brush set is the softest brushes out in the market. Delicate, elegant, and with handles that make it easy to blend and mix those amazing colors to create your masterpiece.
From beginners to advanced makeup artist, you can’t go wrong with this set by Magnifeko. Lightweight, soft synthetic hair you have to feel to believe the softness, and a storage box to keep it all neat and in order. I ordered this set for daughter so she will not have to share make up brushes with anyone, and the amazingly soft brushes will cause no damage to her pure skin. She watches makeup tutorials and these brushes will allow her to perfect her makeup. Check out the link, they are an amazing 10 piece set of brushes.

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I received this product at a discount/free to provide an unbiased and honest review.


LAX Ipad/IPhone 6Ft Charger Review

​I hate being tied to a wall outlet with my ipad. Especially at work my ipad pulls up my reports, emails, planoguides, and store information.

With this LAX ipad/iPhone USB cable I have 6 feet of freedom from the outlet. The braided cord does not break easily, the USB port is permanently placed so it does not become lose, and the charge is fast. LAX has a reputation for making great charging cables and this proves to be top of the line. 
My honest favorite feature is the velcro cable tie. When in the car I do not need 6 feet of cable, I can easily release 1 foot and securely tie up the rest. No kinks, no breakage, and the braided material guarantees you will not replacing your charging cable any time soon.
Check out this LAX USB charger/sync cable here.

I received this product at a discount in order to provide an honest and unbiased review.

Travel Inspired Scratch Off Map

​For some traveling is a passion and for some a way of life. Regardless of where you have been, dreaming is always an option.
The Travel Inpired Scratch off map not only let’s you scratch off where you have been with the included map, but you also get to use the 229 included stickers to list favorite destinations, where you want to go, plot your next getaway, and point out the great places you have seen from the Statue of Liberty to Big Ben. 
As a parent I enjoy scratching off my destinations and having my children ask questions, see the world through my eyes, and dream of their journeys one day. I got this one for me, and started planning where,I dream of going, and the path I have led in my journey. The material us sturdy, comes sealed in a tube for protection from shipping, and the stickers add extra fun to your travels. I reminisced about my honey moon 20 years ago by carefully placing my honeymoon sticker in the Bahamas, our first cruise as Mr and Mrs. 

I received this item at a discount/free in order to provide an unbiased and honest review.

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Never Need Another Micro USB Cable 

​I never have a long enough cable, my cables barely last, and when your work life requires technology your phone is your life line.
That is the best thing about the LAX 6ft USB Micro cable. It is a full 6 feet long so I have plenty of room to charge but not lose full mobility, the braided cable can handle the mobility, and it charges and can be used to sync. With my android constantly in use, this cable is my life saver.
The LAX micro USB cable is not only affordable but meets all my needs with fast charging, various colors,available but I love my pink. No matter where I am working the outlet is never to far with 6 feet, and the velcro wrap allows me to put it neatly away and only unravel the footage I need. 


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I received this product for free or at a discounted price in order to provide and honest and unbiased review.

Raise Your Hand If Your Clogs Every Sink & Bathtub 

​Clogged bathtub? Clogged sink? Is your hair just clogging everything. Don’t spend any extra money!!
I shed and my daughter sheds, because of that my husband is constantly either plunging or buying drano. After a certain point nothing works, it literally gets so clogged you get used to water taking forever to go down. This of course then leads to scum rims on bathtub and sink. Well here is your answer, simple and affordable!!!
Drain Snake Cleaner by Green World
All you do is take the orange drain snake cleaner, slide into the drain, wiggle it, and then prepare to be disgusted yet satisfied. Every piece if soap, soap scum, and hair comes out. Clean off the cleaner and put away for next time. I did it while my husband was at work, only to hear shouting when water was going down without hesitation. He wanted me to see the “miracle”, only until I told him about my drain cleaner. Check it out here.

VersionTech VR Headset..Why Pay More?

​Everyone wants a VR headset, but realistically who has 300-400 dollars for one.
WRONG….you do not need to pay a lot for a VR headset. Enjoy virtual reality at a great price, it is so much fun. My daughter loves the haunted house games, my son loves the roller coasters, and I enjoy riding a gondola in Venice, and visiting museums all over the world from my home. Hubby loves the flight simulators, being able to fly a plane is a dream. 
No matter what you want out of virtual reality these made by Version Tech are absolutely amazing. Download apps. Pop it in to VR, and enjoy. Some say it gets you dizzy, it takes getting used to, but if you ease in using it a few minutes a day, then you can kill zombies with out a single hint of dizziness. You will love it, your kids will love it, and there is something for everyone of every age.  Check it out here:
These are super comfortable with a pillow head gear that does not hurt. You can adjust from little kids to grown ups. The cloth that comes with it keeps the glass v K ean, and it fits from a large iPhone 6 plus to a  Note 5.
Try one today, it’s amazing.

Best Dusters You Can Get

​I am so tired of dust, my allergies are getting out of hand. This set of three dusters is amazing. My favorite is the purple one, I can finally dust the light bulbs that are way too high for me and I don’t do standing on chairs.
Best thing about these is they retain the dust instead of those cheap feather ones that just spread the dust everywhere. Check them out.