Smarson Wireless Bluetooth Finder

Never lose your keys again!! As all of you know I am the queen of losing keys, phone, putse, wallet, and anything not attached. I bought this finder and all my issues are hone. I can now track my keys location. If you are like me you need one as well. Getting one for purse, my dog oliver, and my ipad, because this is awesome. Just follow it on app in your phone.

So easy to use, just press button and pair with your device, just that simple, never leave things behind again. 


The Fine Life Oil Mister

Rosemary olive oil is amazing to make roasted chicken, on pizza crust, and even on french bread.  It is also very expensive.  This mister lets me make my own infused oils with rosemary, garlic, peppers, chilis, and so many more items.  The reason, however, I wanted a mister was because I was tired of buying canned oils for my kids to make pizza and other items that require cooking spray.  When I make fish I use cooking spray as well, so it wasn’t just my kids.  All this cooking spray adds up and if you read the label they add ingredients necessary to be canned, but not necessary fro my kids.  With a mister you can guarantee what is inside, you get fresh oil, and you can clean it when needed.  The best way to keep them is by labeling them to know what oil is inside, the most popular are vegetable, olive, and canola oil.  Then you have a mister for each oil you need in the kitchen.  This one is really easy to use, 3-4 pumps primes your pump and then you get a super fine mist.  You have to remember with the mister to listen to the sound it is making, once you stop hearing that mist noise, you need to pump it a few times then go right back to misting.  Love this mister, now to see how many other concoctions I can infuse.


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This is one of the coolest containers I have used. I grew up in NJ and we used to get a weekly “cantina”. They were weekly meals you could order from a local restaurant and every day they would deliver to your house. They were delivered in these same containers, each a different size, stacked together. It would include rice in one, meat in one, beans in one, and plantains in the other. This Bento box takes that process a step further putting three tiers in one sealed container. They stack perfectly and they have plenty of room which I was not expecting. You can change up what you put in each depending how big each item is. A perfect example is when taking salads to work the lettuce tomatoes and cucumbers fit better for me in center, protein at bottom, and cheese in top small one. Brings back so many memories while eating my lunch leftovers. They are the perfect size, the metal keeps my food fresh and hot, and they just look super cool. This was a great idea and I am so glad I have one. I get home from work and toss in dishwasher, can’t be any easier.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in order to provide an unbiased honest review.


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Prefer Green Premium Extra Large Chalkboard Decal Wall Sticker Review

My kids and I can text each other, so can my husband and I, but if we all want to communicate as a group with our youngest we leave notes. Once I saw this I realized it was a lot better than sticky notes and taped paper. Easy to apply, just like a screen protector. My husband picked a spot, wiped it clean, and we peeled off backing and placed. Wish it brought more chalk but we went out and bought a pack, so everyone has their own color. The one in kitchen is our “to get” list so everyone can post what needs to be bought. My son does dishes so he knows when dish soap is out, my other teen does garbage so he knows when trash bags are out, and so forth. You can cut this however you like as well. We have a long strip on kitchen wall, a smaller square next to fridge, and one by laundry room door with chores. You can turn any wall into a blackboard. It is easy to remove but once you do you can’t restick. We lost one square because it was uneven and I wanted it moved, we had to toss it. Kids love this, we are getting one for my daughters wall since she loves to draw.

Disclaimer: I received this item at a discount in order to provide an unbiased honest review.

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The Fine Life Salt & Pepper Mill

Elegant stainless steel salt and pepper mills are a must at a dinner table. Your guest can easily season their food at their discretion. I cook all the time but I do not know how much every one prefers in seasoning, plus you never know any of your guests health history. Guest feel embarrassed to ask for salt and pepper to not insult your cooking. For this reason it is nice to have an elegant set at their disposal in the center of the table. This set will even allow them to go from very very fine grind to a very coarse grind. The same way that people have a different taste in seasoning, they also prefer their salt and pepper in certain grinds. Easy storage at the top of the grinder makes it convenient if you grind too much extra seasoning, you can place the seal on it and store for later. Everyone is different but I prefer a top end grinder, when I use the bottom ones I end up putting salt and pepper everywhere I set the grinder, sometimes even moving them causes seasonings to drop. This top level grinder does exactly what I need it to do. My set came with an S on every bottle, I believe I was supposed to receive one S and one P but it was really not a big deal. These mills are long so you can clearly see which one is salt and which one is pepper with no confusion. The stainless steel is flawless, the glass is thick enough to survive accident at the dinner table, and the knob to change the grind does not require much strength.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in order to provide an unbiased honest review.


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